Jersey Knit Horrors

Cutting is a simple skill that you learn in preschool, but when it comes to cutting Jersey-Knit fabric it's a whole different story. My partner and I had to cut out patterns from this fabric and had a difficult time doing so. We nicknamed this the "annoying fabric" and I'm sure many wouldn't beg to dffer. After a hard, and long session full of frustration and agony, Ms. Liz and Mr. Branson came to our aid and did the rest for us. On this topic, Brandy Melville is a brand that uses this fabric. They are known for crafting it into collared tee shirts that feel like clouds. We have it easy as consumers of this brand. All we do is pull out a couple of Benjamins' and boom! we have a new (and did I mention soft) tee shirt. It's a knit fabric (so its super stretchy) and hard to work with, which makes it a pain to cut. I have great respect for Brandy Melville factory workers and others who have to handle this troublesome fabric.