Putting Inspiration into Practice


We were out and about last Friday drawing inspiration from the Powwow murals. We also visited Fishcake and stopped by Hawaii Fashion Incubator's Co-op space to hear about the fashion initiatives in Hawaii and to learn from innovative designers working on a collaborative collection - much like we will do! Students also get pretty hands-on learning sewing techniques and practicing their patterning and cutting skills.


-We Quickly Found Out Sewing Is Not As Easy As Some Of Us Thought It Might Be-


-Hearing About Turning Inspiration Into Design From Henry Navarro-


-Fishcakes' Awesome Designs-


-Powwow, Where Imagination Meets The Walls Of Reality -


This week we've been working on three projects to submit to the Fishcake Wanted Design competition. Designs include a useful and playful twist on the Barf Bag, a better in-flight blanket and an interactive postcard dress. Check them out on display at Fishcake from Monday the 29th through August 16th and wish us luck in the competition!


-Product Design in Progress-