Shawl Went Awry

Throughout the whole course of "Future Fashion" our most worked upon subject was dyeing fabric. We've produced our own dyes and lived through all the horrors every beginner dyer could possibly experience. It is quite evident that we have gained some confidence in the field of dyeing. Lets face it, we gained confidence that should not have been gained, we became cocky. We were assigned to make a product that portrayed our thoughts on the word "travel." We thought and thought and we ended up coming up with a peplum top made of post cards. To go along with the ever-so-eclectic top, we decided to make a shawl that had shibori patterns in the pattern of tire tracks. We spent a lot of time stitching the patteren in, our patience dwindled stictch by stitch. When it was finally time to dye our masterpeice, we had little to no patience left, we were told to put a couple of coats of dye on our fabric...but we went and did the opposite. Our main objective was to get it done, not to do it thoroughly. We did it all in 15 minutes, at the time we were proud but when we came back the next day, we were baffled. What the heck was this faded rag infront of us?! It had an uncanny resemblence to a piece of clothing found in your Grandma's attic; dingy and faded. To fix this mistake we chose to dye it again with sun-dye, hoping it would end up darker. With the awful sight of a faded fabric fresh in our minds, we decided to drench it in dye. Go big or go home, right? As I write this the fabric is in the midst of drying, all fingers are crossed.  Overall, we have learned MANY things! We will definitely not make this mistake again. So what is the moral of the story? you could say "listen to your elders!" but that only covers a sliver of the probelm, so, here's the moral: slow and steady wins the race. No matter how overused the phrase is, it's overused for a reason.