Barf Bag

This week in our future fashion class we have been working on a new project. We split into three groups assigned to design and create a product that can be used for and that is associated with the idea of travel. Our group has been making a travel kit created to look like a barf bag - popularly affiliated with airplane and boat rides. Through this process of creating a travel kit my team (Camron, Ellie, Mahea, and Makena) fought, fell off of chairs, and most of all, had fun. Although, we did have some MAJOR set backs, like our focus, it has taught us much about timing, team work, and being on task. Much work has gone into creating this bag. Our team made a layout with which we cut white drop cloth that had been recycled and given to the program from the elementary art class at Punahou. We also made use of our layout by cutting out pieces of plastic that we used to give the bag more of a plastic barf bag look. After dyeing the white drop cloth with the natural dyes that we had previously made as a class, we sewed the plastic and cloth together. In addition to the bag we thought it would be cool to add two sewed-in pockets made specially for phones. We embroidered both pockets, one with the words accept and another with decline. The purpose of the pockets is to hold your phone, but also to have the option to place your phone in the pocket that will block your calls automatically so you and your phone can take a break. We are able to disrupt calls with our decline pocket with a special copper material that we have sown into our pocket. Not only did we make pockets but we also decided to add in three bags made to carry small items such as toiletries. We hope this bag could one day be sold in traveling stores and ultimately help people on there traveling journeys. But above all we hope for our travel kit to be enjoyed as much as we enjoyed making it. I am so proud of all the teams for completing one of our first big projects in less than a week. Congrats to all!


-Embroidering the Zip Lock Pockets-


-Sewing on the plastic-


-Pin A Little Diamond Head To it!-


-Buckle Up! Take a Risk. Time Flies.-