Around the World Peplum Top and Shawl

Travel. What do you think of when you hear this word? You may think of airplanes, cultures, etc. When we were asked to think of travel, the idea of postcards came into our minds, and the distances were had to go when we traveled.




-Jessi Modeling All of The Products-


Throughout the process of making the two garments in front of you, we were immensely inspired by the social media platform, Instagram. Many people use Social media to post their daily lives especially when they're travelling.  Instagram photos are based on the idea of "Artsy pictures and witty captions." This flowy peplum top is a perfect, day to night top, with crafty postcard-inspired details. Along with the shawl, this unique combination is perfection. But, it would be also great just by itself. We think that postcards are a great representation of the word "travel" because of the great ways they can be used to store memories from everywhere around the world. Made out of silk, this top is trendy and comfortable.

The shawl that you see portrays the tracks the traveller's memories they made around the world as they walked, ran, or simply rode. Throughout the whole course of "Future Fashion" our most worked upon subject was dyeing fabric. We've produced our own dyes and experienced the horrors and messes of dyeing as a beginner. When the word "travel" came to the table, we thought of dyeing techniques used around the world. The shawl is made from natural dyes pulled from fruits and vegetables from all over the world. Since the top incorporates a picture from Japan, we used the Japanese dyeing technique called Shibori. To do so, we stitched in the pattern we wanted and tied in beads for a more intricate pattern. The earliest artifacts of Shibori date back to the 8th century, so, we decided to tackle the timeless technique. This shawl will keep the traveller warm on-the-go or remind the consumer of their time travelling to distant lands.