Not A Typical Day At The Mall

On Tuesday morning, we took a trip to the mall to ask some questions you wouldn't normally ask. Our group, Kendall, Kaydi, Diana, and Camron, were asigned three stores. Forever 21, Bebe, and Balenciaga. In addition to our three stores, we also traveled to other stores as a class. Such as JAMS World, Patagonia, and last but not least, Goodwill. In the mall, Camron and Diana made their way to Bebe, as Kendall and Kaydi found their way to Forever 21. In Bebe, Diana and Camron felt curious as to what to expect, because they didn't know if the sales people would feel offended by us asking questions. At Bebe we discovored that the workers wanted to know what we were doing. They wear the clothes from the store, although they are not obligated to. In Forever 21, Kendall and Kaydi felt like the employees weren't very helpful, and didn't answer their questions clearly. They learned that most of the stores products are made in China, and that they put clothes on sale once they're out of season. In Balenciaga, Kendall and Kaydi felt self-concious because the workers kept staring at them. As soon as they walked into the store, one of the employees immediately told them that photography and vidoes were not allowed in the store. They went out without even finding any information, because they felt very intimidated. Camron and Diana went in to ask the questions instead. After they came out, they agreed that the workers were scary. They told us not to touch anything even though some of the questions required us to touch the clothes. Camron and Diana were told to just let the sales women answer the questions instead of looking around. This is some of the information we got from that store. Balenciaga sells mostly bags, which are made in Italy and France. They use sheep skin, goat skin, and calf skin to make some of their bags. Although they were intimidating, Balenciaga seemed to have employees that knew everything about their products, and the store. We all felt like every store told us the truth about their stores. This mall trip was different from normal shopping sprees because we all agree that we're not usually looking for what materials were used, and where the items were made. We are also are able to buy things at the mall. At JAMS World, we learned that most of the clothing was made in Hawaii. The workers at Patagonia were very helpful. They answered all our questions, and we learned that Patagonia is a mountain range in South America and that the reason the jackets were so expensive because of the lifetime warrenty. Diana didn't understand this because most companies make it so the jacket will break so the customer will have to buy another jacket. At Goodwill, we only had a $12 budget. We had to look at where things were made as well. Having a $12 limit was challenging, because there was so many choices, and big pieces of fabric were expensive (with only $12). Most of the nicer clothes cost around $7-$20 which really suprised us. Our group ended up buying 2 dresses, and a pair of shorts. We all agreed that this was not a normal shopping trip, but we learned a lot!