Field Trip Q&A

          This week, we went on a field trip to Ala Moana, JAM's World, Patagonia, and Goodwill. We were also asked to go to 7 For All Mankind, Burberry, and Michael Kors. While browsing and collecting information, we were asked to consider the following questions:

          Q: How did the stores make you feel? Why?

          A: At first, we were unsure of how the sales people would react to us asking questions, so we were a bit shy. But after, they we very nice, so they made us feel welcome at their stores.

          Q: What did you learn at the stores?

          A: At 7 for All Mankind we found out that all of their clothing is made in the USA. They also get discounts at their store (Nice!). At Burberry, we learned that they invented the trenchcoat, and that their cashmere scarves take over a year to make. We think that this is pretty amazing; a scarf, not very big, can take a year to make? Wow. The sale people also wear the clothes their company makes. Burberry is also a British company. When we went to Michael Kors, we found out that they're required to wear their company's clothes.  Most of their clothes were made in China.  Some select merchandise was on sale, such as bags and shoes. Also, in JAM's World, most of their clothing, actually 95% of it, was made in Hawaii. I think that this is pretty cool, since this was one of the only stores that I've been to that sells clothing made in Hawaii. 

          Q: Which store had the most informed employees?

          A: In our opinion, Burberry's and Patagonias employees were the most informed because they even asked us if we wanted to know more about the company and it's products. (At Burberry, they even let us smell their new perfumes, and showed us some of their clothing.) At Patagonia, they also told us about the geese feathers that were used to make some of the jackets. Did you know that you can learn about the geese and their feathers and their journey from the beginning at the farm to the product at the store by scanning the scan code with your mobile device?

          Q: Was anything told to you that you questioned?  Do you feel that they told you the truth?

          A: Yes, because everyone answered right away and didn't hold back.  The sales people also were kind and seemed trustworthy for the most part.

         Q: How is this experience different from normal shopping?

         A: This experience was different because it opened our minds by having us ask questions.  Also, we weren't allowed to buy anything.  In a normal shopping trip most of us wouldn't even think about asking questions. 

        Q: What was it like shopping at Goodwill with $12 and the wage list?

        A: It was difficult searching for items in our budget.  We took advantage of the fact that some items were 50% off, and chose those to use. We also chose clothing with the most fabric, and the ones that looked like they could be transformed into a new piece. The wage list wasn't as big of a problem with the items that were 50% off.