Lanikila Pacific

Lanikila Pacific is a family of programes and services designed to help build independence and an improved quality of life for adults with challenges in their lifes. Some of these challenges include mental and physical handicaps. The first interactions we had ater meeting with Frank, the facilities manager, were with people in the TLC room. The TLC program and room is a space where people can make crafts and learn new things. I was amazed to see how many people there were. We also visited the kitchen and found out about the Meals on Wheels program. Many of the people working in the kitchen may indeed have some kind of disability, but they are very capable of carying out their work cooking meals for hundreds of clients. The meals are delivered by a team of volunteers to people who are unable to leave their homes. Also when delivering the meals, volunteers are able to cheak on the clients to make sure that they are OK.


Lanikila Pacific also has its own room screenprinting shirts and has its own sewing machine and embroidery machines making all kinds of things. The man in charge of the embroidery machine is legally blind. This was impresssive to me because he could use his other senses to do the same things that I am able to do being able to see.



The three words that Lanakila uses to describe its mission are inspire, independence and inclusion. I felt so inspired after visiting. I'm glad this organization exists for all of the people who need it.