Shark Tank VS. Unreasonable Institute

We watched a few clips of Shark Tank and Unreasonable Institute and we have a few positive and negative thoughts about each of the shows. First of all, our positive thoughts about Shark Tank are it's entertaining and it shows the good and bad examples of good social entreprenership. The entertaining part about shark tank is the pitches and the comments that the sharks give the pitchers. Our negative thoughts about Shark Tank are that the sharks only care about the money, instead of the enviroment/community. For example, in one episode a guy told the sharks that he wanted money to give to charity, but the sharks never even asked about the charity. Sometimes, either the sharks and/or the pitchers can be rude or mean. For example, a pitcher told a shark that the shark doesn't know anything about the t-shirt business because the shark always wears suits. Our positive thoughts about Unreasonable Institute are that they show great examples of helping people and the enviroment. In particular, there was a woman who saw polluted air in China, so she created a solar stove and it helped the people in China. Our negative thoughts about Unreasonable Institute is that it isn't very entertaining because even though the talks are very important, it's harder to pay attention compared to Shark Tank. So you see, there are positives and negatives for these shows, but the one that is probably better is Unreasonable Institute, while it may not be as entertaining, it is more educational.