Yesterday on 7/27/15 we made fake pitches about companies to our class. Each group of 3 or 4 people got companies to pitch to the class. The classmates graded the students presenting on a sheet of paper. This was a cool experience because we got to learn about different companies and we got to learn about how it feels to pitch a product or company. The first time we pitched, our group pitched about a product called Piña. Piña is a product the used pineapple, leaf fibers to use for clothing. We did a good job, but we did not win the prize. Our second pitch our group got assigned 4 companies The Peace Treaty, TS Designs, Outerknown and Space Between. I got assigned Outerknown, Outerknown is a cool company that was founded just a few weeks ago by Kelly Slater. Though the company just launched, it took them 28 months to make all of their designs the way they wanted to. This company is very sustainable, all of their shirts were made from 100% organic Pima cotton. All of their boardshorts reused fish nets and plastic bottles. I enjoyed talking about this company because I could relate to it. The process of finding out about this company was easy, their site was simple and was very detailed. It was easy to answer the questions on the paper becuase the company because I could relate to it. Here's what we had to answer to help us formulate our pitches:



1) What is the mission statement of this company?

2) Is this company focused on any of the important issues within the fashion industry that you have studied? Is it a social enterprise? Explain.


Tangible Results:

1) Do you like the products the company is selling? Why or why not?

2) Do you think the products themselves reflect the company’s stated values? Why or why not?

3) What is the Price Range? Do you think these are fair prices? Why or why not?

4) Can you tell what are the current scope and scale of the company and its impact? i.e. How many people and products are involved?



1) What is the role of the customer?

2) Describe the company’s business model?



1) How do you feel after exploring the company’s website? Do you trust this company?

2) Is the website informative? Explain

3) Write at least 5 Key Words or phrases you feel this company uses to identify itself.

4) Google the company - do you find any reports contradicting the company’s mission? Read at least one non-company provided report or review. Does this report support your findings about the company?

5) What questions do you have for this company?

6) Is there anything you think the company could improve on?