La Muse

We went to La Muse on July 23 and we really enjoyed it. We liked the store because they really care about the customers and they welcomed us very well into the store. Julia, the owner and founder of the boutique, answered all of our questions and she was happy that we were there. The store played really calming music and the environment of the store is really nice and quiet. La Muse isn't a really big store, but they do have a lot of items. Somehow though it didn't feel too crowded. I would go back to La Muse because they have beautiful jewelry and super cool toys like small toy robots and even nice dolls as well. Julia made her own store because she wanted to have her own songs played and her own pictures hung up on the wall. Julia told a story about how she saved all of her lunch money to buy a barbie doll, she appreciated and took care of it because she didn't have a wealthy family when she was younger living in China. It was really inspiring to hear her story because she puts a lot of effort into her store.