Here are the pitches - Organized Upcyclers, The Man Couchers, Home Is Where The Heart Is, Plush 4 Patience, C&E Certified.



These are all great ideas. Our generous panel of judges - Toby Portner, Thanh Apostolides, Frank Valenti, Karl Okemura and Casey Agena had valuable comments and suggestions for each group. They scored each of the groups according to this table:


( 1 = “I strongly disagree.”  |  2 = “I disagree.”  |  3 = “I’m not sure.”  |  4 = “I agree.”  |  5 = “I strongly agree.” )
For each statement circle the number that corresponds with your feeling.


This project is solving a problem.


This project has thoroughly thought about the impact of their product on people and the planet over the lifetime of the product.


This project is innovative.


This project is a social enterprise using financial profit as a means to achieve a greater social benefit.


This project makes a product/service that I or someone I know would purchase/use.


This pitch told a story with which I connected and from which I learned.


This pitch presented an out of the world idea - a whole new way of doing something.


This pitch engaged the audience through interaction.


This pitch admitted mistakes and assumptions. It explained how the project team addressed those problems.


This pitch explained the complete value and cost from production to where the product ends up.


This pitch represented well the team and partners.


Overall, this was great! Go team and project!


The highest marked team was Home Is Where The Heart Is, with a total of 219 from four judges. Congratulations and great job to all the teams!