Our Dyes

We used three main dyes to color our garments.

Left to right, they are:

Far Left: 3/5 blueberry, 1/5 red pepper and 1/5 cabbage

Middle: Onion and clementine peels

Far right: Eggplant.


All three of these dyes were made from leftovers from lunch, Martha's table or snacks brought in for the minimester. We used these dyes in different ways. Overnight, we soaked the sweatshirt in the yellow dye (onions and clementine peels) to give it a more vibrant color. To dye the shorts, we used paintbrushes and striped the dyes vertically to the length we would cut them at. We then soaked the remaining jeans in yellow dye and later made our signature hearts out of that.

The t-shirt was made by the spilling of purple dye. A blank white t-shirt was on hand, so we used it to mop up the dye, and when it was unraveled there was a pretty pattern on the shirt, so we decided to use it also.

~Heart-to-Heart: Stitched With Love

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