Day 2
(Glitter Cupcakes)

Today we finished our garments and worked on finishing to our outfit. Our final product is a shirt with a pop art skirt and a pop art clutch. We also have a tied dye belt. Our logo is a glittery cupcake. We are finishing up and are getting ready for our presentation.

Yours Truly

The Glitter Cupcakes TeamĀ 

Jayla Matthews contributed:


Jayla Matthews contributed:
We went  from just a bunch of

We went from just a bunch of shirts and a sweater to a full out shirt with roses and a cute skirt. I (Jayla) worked on the roses down the shirt. I worked on the entire shirt, glad it came out great! Evelina worked on a belt and the belt loops, SUPER CUTE! Emma and Elena worked on the sweatshirt , now skirt, by sewing the sides and cutting off the sleeves. We are ready to present our items!

Yours Truly

The Glitter Cupcakes Team (Jayla and Emma)

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