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Glitter Cupcakes
Glitter Cupcakes
Naturally Dyed Tank with Flowers
Pencil Skirt from Sweatshirt with Pop Art
Naturally Dyed Fringe Purse
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The Team
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We are the Glitter Cupcakeswink! We worked together all this week on a retro skirt and a flower shirt. We all had lots of fun on this project. We hope the buyer enjoys these items!

Glitter Cupcakes before
Glitter Cupcakes after
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Matching Purse

We had a few really amazing swatches left over so we created a matching purse with four pockets, double layered for strength, fringed seams and matching flower to make the outfit complete. 

Intentionally Messy

Messy stitching to match our inspiration! Good design is intriguing so every detail matters.

Label Art

Following our pop-art inspiration we not only made our stitches big, bold, irregular and exterior but we wanted to encorporate the clothing labels into the clothing so we sewed them on the outside. You can also see how we turned the sweatshirt into a pencil skirt with twisted side seams an structured hips created by the pockets we made from the sleeves. The pockets are pretty big so the skirt is very functional.

Sewing Effects

The flowers were sewn carefully so they would stay open and point in different directions.


We dyed the torn turquoise sweater from Martha's Outfitters purple with natural dyes from the food scraps Martha's Table generates during prep. Using this fabric as well as some of our natural dye swatches we made flowers which we hand-sewed shut and then pinned to the top along one side. The flowers are intended to be very bold and 3-D. They are pinned and ready to be sewn on!

Heart Patch

Sewing a naturally dyed heart on our graffiti sweatshirt before turning it into a skirt!

Natural Dyeing Lines

After testing many swatches we were able to create the gradient we wanted with the purple natural dye we made. This shirt is different fabric from our swatches though. Everyone loved the line we created toward the neckline. 

These are the labels we started with!

Classic Pop Art


by Andy Warhol

This was inspirational for Glitter Cupcakes.

Day 2

Today we finished our garments and worked on finishing to our outfit. Our final product is a shirt with a pop art skirt and a pop art clutch. We also have a tied dye belt. Our logo is a glittery cupcake. We are finishing up and are getting ready for our presentation.

Yours Truly

The Glitter Cupcakes Team 

Day 1

Today Elena and I were very inspired by pop and street art. We decorated a grey swearshirt with our version of pop art using sharpies and other pens. Jayla and Evelina were very inspired by spring and flowers. We will be designing and creating a shirt with roses and a skirt decorated with cartoons.

Yours Truly

The Glitter Cupcakes team