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Falling Frozen
Falling Frozen
Falling Frozen-Dress portraying frozen waterfall with a hint of spring (the season)
Vest to go along with the dress with flowers
Collection Code: 14301
The Team
Falling Frozen team photo

This has been a long winter and we are hoping for spring soon! Our collection comes from the idea of spring emerging from a cold winter. We hope that it really will!

Falling Frozen before
Falling Frozen after
The Falling Frozen Team Blog

It took almost a whole day to sew these flowers on!

Blue Flowers

The Falling Frozen Team made two different styles of flowers from our left-over fabric. After thinking about sewing them to the hem of the dress the team decided to make an accessory instead. The base of the choker is made from the sleeve of the blouse which was used to make the dress. When the sleeve was cut off to sew the pockets of the dress it made a ruffle pattern and it had a button- perfect for a choker. 

Draping Vest

We made a vest out of pants. The inside trim matches the blue of the bodice. 

Zig Zag

Sewing Elastic so the strapless dress will fit more people.

Invisible Stitches

learning to sew an invisible stitch without sewing the dress to the dress form!


Playing with one of our items to see what kinds of shapes we are working with and how it can be altered. We ended up using it as the top to our dress and to make flowers for the necklace. 

Ideating with Jay

Jay met with us in the beginning of the process and showed us lots of different ways we could use each of the pieces we were given and what elements to try to preserve. There are so many possibilities if you aren't afraid to look at clothing differently. Pants don't have to be worn as pants. We realized we could turn our blouse into a dress. 


Here's our team in real life.


With all the snow outside, we were inspired by water falls frozen over, like this photo of a cold Niagara Falls.



We had a lot of different   strengths in our team. We split up the jobs and each worked on something different. We traded off pinning, cutting, designing and sewing. Sam is a great at making flowers and designing. Nolan is a good designer and sewed a lot of the dress. Jeremy is really good with the sewing machine and made most of the vest. Sarah sewed a lot of the dress and made a lot of the flowers on the necklace. We had thought that the product was going to be very different then it was, but we all conributed and it turned out to be something even better. This was definitely a learning process where we learned to work together and really pay attention to each others inspiration. 

the Process

When we got our fabric, we instantly wanted do do a dress. We had so many ideas on our design, but when we started to make the dress, we went in a totally different direction. Sam came up with the idea to use a vest/sweater sleeve as the top part of the dress around the chest. Then with a beutiful formal white blouse, we made the rest of the dress. We then stitched up the parts that connected the two pieces and the darts. After that we turned the shirt sleeves into pockets. 

We had the idea of using a sleeve cuff as a collar necklace. Sarah made flowers and sewed then onto the collar. Sam stitched up the final things and Jeremy made a vest out of a pair of pants.

The Inspiration

In the beginning, we had selected some pants, pink fabric, blue fabric and a white shirt. We decided to search for inspiration on Google Images. We searched cherry blossoms, waterfalls, food and even cotton candy! One of the coordinators for this project, Branson, showed us frozen Niagara Falls. We we inspired by this image and decided to create a dress on this. We originally wanted to include an "icicle" look, but we ended up making a plain dress, thought everyone was proud of it.